A few months ago I wrote about my father’s bike, a 1978 Kawasaki KZ1000 LTD. That story got some views, so I thought an update would be fun.

Got another picture message from my dad last weekend. No caption, just this:

He pulled the fairing, backrest, and top case off to make it easier on the shop where it’s having some work done. He then rode it to the shop for new tires and fork seals. Pulling the Windjammer off shows how dirty the engine is, but how good everything else is. If I buy it from him (he sounds like he’s getting ready to sell and get something different) this is how I would keep it, but without the luggage rack.

It could use a replacement for the rusted out exhaust and about five hours of detailing, but then it would be a super mint 12,000 mile original bike.


Also, that’s his 1979 K20 in the background. He bought it brand new. He like to buy stuff and then keep it forever it seems.