I Bought a Thing

The thing is a 2013 Ford F150 Lariat. Has the 3.5L twin turbo Ecoboost, 6 speed, 3.55 rear end. The Lariat package gets me the 20" wheels, leather, navigation, etc. One owner truck with 55,000 miles.


My criteria for a vehicle was as foll0ws:

  • Crew cab pickup or SUV that can tow at least 8000 lbs. I go fishing with my dad a couple of times a year and we’ve talked about renting a camper. I wanted something that could pull it. I also wanted something that I could comfortably put 4 adults in.
  • Low miles. I did a 4 year loan and wanted this vehicle to have plenty of value left when it is paid off. I drive about 18,000 miles a year.
  • Bells and Whistles. I dislike base model cars. I know they are they same vehicle and I don’t need any of the fancy stuff, but one you have your butt headed and cooled by the seats it’s hard to go back to anything else.

I’m not a Ram guy. Nothing against them and I know they’re good trucks now, but I had friends who owned 97-09 Rams and they just fell apart. So that left me with Chevy and Ford.


I’m a Chevy guy, but don’t have a huge bias one way or the other. I own a Crown Vic and GMC Yukon currently. Chevy came out with a new model in 2014, Ford in 2015. Both of those were out of my price range, so I was pushed to look at the previous generation.

My brother in law bought an 07 brand new and it’s been pretty good to him. However, when I started looking at 2013 Silverados I found they hadn’t changed. Like at all. The dash is reeeally boring and just looks dated. Also, the 5.3 makes 300hp and 330 lb feet.


On the flip side, 2013 F150's can be optioned with Navigation, heated AND cooled leather, etc. The Ecoboost makes 365 hp and 420 lb feet. Which is a ton, without sacrificing fuel mileage.


That pretty much made the decision for me. I found this one in Aberdeen, SD and drove to get it on Sunday. So, 300 miles in and I love it. It rides, drives, stops and goes like a much smaller vehicle. The Ecoboost is rad. Hearing some turbo whoosh during acceleration is awesome. It’s got power for days. I’m pretty darn happy about it.

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